Start Here!

Close your eyes and imagine~

You, sitting under a beautiful tree with your cup of delicious coffee (or tea!) in your hand, working while the kids play around you. A fresh, cool breeze is rustling through the leaves, and you can see tiny little specks of dust floating in the sunbeams that penetrate the canopy. Their giggles of delight make the perfect background music to a perfect summer day…

Then, you call them inside to carry on with their school work, while you send a few e-mails.

You can rest easy because you know you’re giving your family the best: you can travel wherever and whenever, because your work and their schoolwork travels with you.

They get the best education, you have a creative outlet that brings in an extra income, and the whole family is happy that you spend more quality time together!

Can you imagine this? Could you feel it? The freedom?

It’s possible!

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Be blessed!❤