What you’ll get

What you’ll get:

*An initial interview with the student and parent in person or via video calling*

*A questionnaire and initial profile of the student’s learning style/s*

*Suggestions for the parent on integration of the student’s learning style/s with the course work*

Year 1 until the end of Year 9


*Video calls to assess the student’s progress and assist with Maths and other subjects the student struggles with*

*Marking of Dictation and Language tests*

*Loading of all videos, audio, photos and PDF documents pertaining to the week’s work onto the Online School Portal (these will include readings, narrations/summaries and explanations for Years 1 -5, and only narrations/summaries and explanations for Years 6 – 9 as the students are expected to read through their own course work by this stage)*

Every Term:

*Modification and marking of AO tests*

*Compilation of a Report Card*


*Progress Report and Certificate sent to the student’s parent via e-mail*

Year 10 and up/ Age 16 and up (GED)

*The GED course includes explanations of all the concepts covered in the GED tests, along with links to practice tests and individual reading books that are to be completed and marked by the STUDENT on their own time. This course is designed for students to complete at their own leisure with independent study as the basis*

*Included in the course price is 10 consultation e-mails in which the student is welcome to ask me anything about the course work they are unsure about, and 5 x 15-minute video calls to be conducted by appointment only*