Work From Home



I’m Maché: Health & Wellness Ambassador, mom to two beautiful girls (aged 2 and 10) and wife to Kevin (most amazing hubby EVER!).

I’m passionate about helping everyday people just like you achieve their dreams while getting fit and healthy!

Since we had a few medical shocks in the family last year, we have completely overhauled our lives.

We went from eating processed and unhealthy food to eating healthy whole-food and natural living. And our lives changed!

Now, I help others change their lives: to get fit, lose weight, get healthy, start working from home and travel the world!

If you want to speak to me about Health and Wellness Coaching, a life Detox or if you would like to start your own home-based business, drop me a comment below or through one of my social media channels!

I’d LOVE to have a chat or send you some more info!

Want to become a part of my team NOW? Easy! Just pop on over here (bottom left-join my team😀)

Lots of love and hope to speak to you soon!





2 thoughts on “Work From Home

  1. Hi Maché, I came across your info on the working parents homeschool FB page. We have recently started the homeschooling journey, but I work full time in a office with flexi hours. I would actually love to start my own home-based business to be able to be more involved with my little ones. I have no idea where to start and are very nervous, would love to hear from you.
    Thanks, Louisé


    1. Ahhh awesome! Congratulations on your decision to homeschool! It’s not always easy, but it sure is worth it! We should chat about the different options! Whatsapp me on 0720823102!


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