Why & How we started Homeschooling {+ a giveaway!}

why we choose to use (31)

When I started homeschooling I was soooo scared!
This was especially weird since I had already owned a Cottage School for the past 6 years! So, in theory, homeschooling my own kids should be a walk in the park!
But it wasn’t…
I felt I needed to prove myself. I needed to prove to my amazing husband that we are making the right decision. That it’s financially feasible. That our kids won’t turn into unsocialized weirdos. That we will actually do ‘school work’ in the day and not just loaf around. That the kids will make and keep friends.


I felt I needed to justify our decision to friends and family.

To myself. To my kids.

To the looming, faceless ‘them’ out to judge and condemn my little setup!

Oh, I was scared.
And uncertain.
I doubted everything.

What curriculum should we use? How should we set up the day? Are we doing enough ‘school’? Are the kids learning and retaining enough? Should we do tests? Should we start a social group? Is it okay to just throw ‘school’ out the window (metaphorically speaking!) when the kids are sick or it’s a beautiful day for a nature walk or we are just in the mood for a documentary?

My eldest was in mainstream school at the time. She had done very well in Grade R and Grade 1, but in Grade 2 her marks stated slipping.

“Your child is hyperactive.” “Your child needs medication.” ”She’s not focusing.”
We took her for tests. We tried sending earmuffs to school (she never wore them). We asked if we can send an iPod. The answer was “no”.

Then we got the final report card with the worst marks yet, and got a note with it saying that we should only come to parent’s evening if our child was in danger of failing (she wasn’t, but I’m a super involved parent, so had been to every single one to make sure we were doing everything we could!).

I told my husband that enough was enough.

We are taking her out of school and homeschooling.

I was brave.
I told him: “If I can’t get her marks up in one term, we can put her back into a ‘proper’ school”. Wow!

She ended up re-capping everything she did not know, and is now a year ahead grade-wise.

My child is not stupid, slow or in need of medication.
She simply needed a break.
To be given a chance.

To be given the opportunity to excel and prove what a gem she could be once polished!

Are you in the same boat? Do you also want to homeschool, but are unsure about where to start?

Well, you’re in luck! I’m giving away two spots on the HBGS (Homeschooling Basics: Getting Started) Workshop! Say whaaaaaat?! Yes! TWO SPOTS! Enter here: Rafflecopter



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