How to keep kids busy for the Holidays!

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Firstly, I need to say this again: LET THEM BE BORED! Boredom fires up creativity, which is exactly what you need! That will help them entertain themselves instead of constantly looking to YOU for entertainment!

BUT, I know we sometimes need a bit of extra help, so here are a few quick and easy ways to keep them entertained if you really just need half an hour of peace! 😉


*Paper crafts: Give them old magazines, writing books, pens, pencils, whatever you can find. Just not glitter! Glitter is a nightmare to clean. And it WILL get EVERYWHERE!

*Paint: Give them old boards, mix some paint and send them outside!

*Gardening: Give the kids their own special little place in the garden to dig tunnels in, play with their toy cars, scoop, and shovel, make mud pits and plant a few plants. Pumpkins are super easy to grow, and it makes them feel soooo accomplished!

*Board games and jigsaws: Let them play with what you already have OR let them design their own!

*Play Shop: Let them ‘sell’ their toys to their sibling/friends. They can even set up a stand and make play money by tracing over real money and cutting out the coins.

*Rock Painting: Let them paint rocks and hide them in the local park to find later, or to pretty up their own garden! Let them try out different designs and techniques.

*Spy Games: Let them become spies for a day! Make secret ink, make disguises and design a secret cipher. Lots of undercover teaching opportunities here 😉

*Handicrafts: Give the kiddos the sewing needles, knitting needles or crochet hook (if they’re old enough) and plonk them in front of YouTube to learn some skills! They’ll feel super chuffed if they can knit granny a tea cosy all by themselves!

*Rolled Paper Beads: These are super easy to make and they can use them to make play jewellery (bracelets and necklaces) as well as special event cards.

*Games: Revive old games like touches, hide and go seek and more. Game books can be found in your local library or online!


So, what are you doing to entertain the kiddos these holidays? Or are you leaving them to be bored? ;)1.


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