Another death. And a poem…

It happened again yesterday. An angel, plucked from the earth too soon, taken by the devastating shadow called ‘Death’. I have no words. My heart is sore. I’ve cried. And felt like I a fraud. That I should’ve (could’ve) done more. Been there more. Loved more. Said more. Supported more. And then I’m thankful for what I have. again. A house. My health. My family. My work. Things (material, emotional, spiritual). I have no words. So I went with a poem from my (yet unpublished) poetry collection…

Shades of life

When, once again, I sit and ponder
Life, with all its complexities
And all its magic, bliss and wonder
And sameness, stagnation as its enemies
I sit, awestruck with amazement,
And admire the Great Creator’s blueprint

The intricacy of all things,
Monstrous, minute, flamboyant and plain
And all the music it brings
To our unexpected lives, otherwise the same,
And thank our God,
Greatly humbled and amazingly awed

For, at times, we experience blue,
A freshness, calmness, cooling waters
Altering with dappled hue
The souls of all of His adopted daughters
And we dance and sing in his flood of blessings
All the while His grace professing

Then comes times of red, of fire
And brimstone in the deserts of our lives
Tinged with blood, stuck in endless mire
Cut to tender ribbons with sharpened knives
And pain that seems too severe to bare
And our prayers seem flimsy, like air

And finally, after many trials,
Our lives, again, turn green
With blossoms and buds along the aisle
Of our journey, and things seem
To grow in abundance, once again,
And my soul exclaims- God is good! Amen


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