My Legacy

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The other day I was thinking about what my funeral should be like. And no, it wasn’t a bad thing. we need to think about how we want to be remembered when we are gone.

Because we’re all going to die, sooner or later. Death is what you make of it.

Firstly, I don’t want my funeral to be a somber affair…

I want it to be more like a party. Without the booze. Please don’t bring booze to my funeral! You can bring herbal tea. Or booch 😉

I want balloons, and happy music (gospel is cool). I want people to be happy. To laugh about my shenanigans, to remember the good times.

When it comes to eulogies, I hope to be remembered as having been PRESENT in the lives of those I care about.

I want them to remember the times we spent together, not the money.
The fun we had, not necessarily where we had it.
I want my kids to remember the smaller things: how they could take my hand and lead me on a nature walk. How we would watch and chase butterflies together. How they could rest their little heads on my lap and tell me stories. How I would take them on picnics, and help them prepare the feast, and how we would lie and watch clouds/stars and how I would not be to busy, EVER, to do any of these things.

I want my husband to remember me as a good wife. A homemaker, caregiver and helpmeet. I want him to remind my children of the woman I was with a happy heart. I want to bring him joy all his life, and have my legacy live on in his heart for all time to come.

I want my parents to remember me as a caring daughter. Someone that genuinely cared about THEM, as people, that didn’t only show up when she needed something. That was there for them, in sickness and in health, and helping them physically when they got old.

I’d like my friends to remember me as reliable, happy and optimistic. I want them to remember me as a REAL, genuine and true friend. As someone that would help without wanting something in return. That would be emotionally available even if we haven’t spoken in a while. That would give advice without judgement. That would be a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold and a heart to pray with.

I want to be remembered as a servant.

But also as a strong woman that stood up for the downtrodden. A gentle soul, yet not a pushover.
Kind, but not weak.

I still not there yet. I’m not this person yet.

But I am working every day to become her. ❤



The Dreamgiver: My Mission

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I have been put here, on earth, for a reason. And I WILL fulfil that purpose, no matter what obstacles stand in my way.

There is a book called The Dreamgiver.

The basic storyline is that, in a world of nobodies, there was a guy named Ordinary. He did everything the same way everyone else did things. They way things were expected to be done. He got up, ate breakfast, went to work, got home, watched TV, ate dinner, went to bed. Wash, rinse and repeat.

He wasn’t happy.

Till one day!

When he woke up, he found a white feather on his windowsill. This meant that the Dreamgiver had visited him! He has received his dream!

He ran out and told EVERYONE that would listen! He was so excited!

But not everyone was. Especially not his close family and friends. Following this dream of his could lead to heartache. To difficulties. It would be hard. And they didn’t want to see Ordinary get hurt. So they told him to pack away his dream. To go back to what he knows. To just be content.

But he couldn’t!

He set out, with little support.

He faced many dangers, villains and obstacles. But he was also blessed with helpers and friends at JUST THE RIGHT TIMES along the way.

And in the end, he achieved GREAT things for the Dreamgiver.

My MISSION in life is to do this. To follow my dream, and fill my Mache’-shaped hole in the world. Because there are tasks and people that I should get in touch with and they will miss out on living a fuller life if I don’t do my duty and follow the dream/plan set before me.

So my mission is this:

To go out and be a blessing; a life-changer and light-bringer, and to change this world to a happier and healthier place-one family at a time.

What is your mission? Why were you put on this earth?

Non-toxic Deodorant Recipe

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I’ve been making variations of this recipe for a LONG time, and it STILL works like a charm. In winter and summer. And it smells goooooood (well, if you don’t use something silly like citronella or tea tree!).

It is a paste you rub between your hands, and then onto your armpits. Just be careful with dark colours, as it does leave a powdery residue on them (it wipes off with a wet cloth).


Deodorant Recipe

5 Tablespoons Coconut Oil (melted)
3 Tablespoons non-GMO Corn flour
3 Tablespoons Bicarbonate of Soda
2 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay
15 drops Essential Oil
A bit of water to mix

Mix together all the ingredients till you get a thick but spreadable consistency.
You can use any EOs that rocks your boat. I like Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper berry and Neroli. Oh, and Orange!
Keeps well at room temperature.

Thrush Bum Cream

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I’ve been on this breastfeeding journey a long time. Two and a half years with my latest kiddo. So, because I DO need to sleep from time to time, we planned on night weaning. We even put it on the prayer list at Bible study. The great night wean was supposed to start last weekend. Then, lo and behold, I end up with a blocked milk duct. The treatment? You guessed it- breastfeeding. So I ended up nursing from that breast even more than usual. Tieties bonanzas the whole weekend. Milk duct is now cleared up! Yayyy!

Aaaand then the toddler ended up with a yeast infection. It started out looking like a bum rash (weird, if you’re a cloth mom), but airing it out didn’t help, and it got worse. Then little bums started appearing. Thrush. Eish…

And, another cloth mom thing, we can’t really apply those sticky yucky salves the doctors normally give without a nappy liner, otherwise it’s a fight to the death to get the gunk of your nappies. Too much effort for me.

Anyhooo… So I turned to my amazing tribe for some advice. They advised probiotics (applied topically), Tea Tree and Lavender (mine was finished) Essential Oil and Coconut Oil. Then I made this salve. And it works like a charm!

Thrush Bum Cream
3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
1 Capsule of Acidophilus (amazing probiotic)
5 drops Tea Tree EO (don’t apply undiluted-it burns!)

Melt the oil, and combine all the ingredients. Apply with every nappy change until the rash clears up. If possible, also boost with an oral probiotic (you can pour a capsule of Acidophilus over food or mix it into yoghurt). Someone also advised a piece of SCOBY inside the nappy, on the rash, but the baby wasn’t game for that idea)

Being the Perfect Parent

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Being the perfect parent in today’s day and age is pretty much impossible.


You need to feed your kids perfectly balanced meals, three times a day, every day, with healthy snacks in between.

In the perfect parent’s world there is no such thing as a ‘picky eater’. In this parent’s world, the kids eat everything- fruits, veg, fish, organ meats and dairy.

No sweets, artificial anything or GMOs.

These kids are well-behaved and perfectly adapted socially.

They speak only when spoken to and polite. They know their place.

They don’t run around, are not loud, and can carry on a conversation with a grown-up in a logical manner.

They listen when spoken to, and do not backchat their parents. Ever.
They also play well with others- sharing their toys and always playing nicely with their friends.

They do not say embarrassing things in front of others (like “Mom, but you haven’t shaved in two weeks” and “Daddy is wearing his holey underwear”!)

The perfect parent’s children are always clean.

No mud, dirt or poo stain anywhere.

Perfectly white and starched shirts on their toddler to make him look just like his daddy! The perfect Pinterest child.

These kids have no desire to get dirty or get hurt by running and possibly falling.

They have perfectly combed hair with trendy hairstyles for the boys and little curly pigtails for the girls. At all times.

Their little shoes are gleaming, perfectly polished, and never scuffed. They never run around barefoot.

The perfect parent teaches their kids about using technology responsibly. The kids have their own tablets and smartphones. They need them. Otherwise they will be singled out as ‘odd’ and that makes for an abusive parent.

The perfect child never turns into a little brain-dead iphone zombie.

Everything is practiced in moderation.

The perfect parent enforces discipline with a firm, yet gentle heart.

This parent runs the home like a Democracy.

Everyone has a say in the house rules, and everyone sticks to their promises. Everyone does their chores, on time and without complaining.

The children never ‘run wild’.

Their rooms are always neat and clean.

Homework done on time.

School bags packed and unpacked without prompting.

Kiddo goes to school with a beautifully packed Bento lunchbox full of wholesome goodness every day and eats everything himself (and never even considers trading his banana for Johnny’s Simbas)

This is the Pinterest child. The perfect child. With the perfect parents. THIS is what we try and live up to.


Can I tell you a secret?


It’s NOT HAPPENING, honey.


Normal people, like you and me, are NOT perfect. Hell, we shouldn’t try to be!

Life is messy. And that’s part of the fun!


Children need to LIVE!

Experience life.

Make mistakes, get hurt, get up again and run back faster and stronger.

They need to learn from their mistakes.

They should never ever be raised in a little bubble of perfection because they WILL NOT survive the real world!


This is why tweens commit suicide, why they think they’re not enough. Not good enough. Not perfect enough.

Kids nowadays don’t realize that they’re perfectly imperfect. That it’s normal. That they should embrace who they are on a basic level. They are enough. And it’s time for us, as society, to tell them that.


I’m the un-Pinterest Mom.


We live according to the 80/20 rule.

80% good stuff. 20% cheating.

To me, that means doing my absolute best to give my kids healthy, hearty, good stuff most of the time. But if they eat a vienna or cupcake at a birthday party it WON’T kill them!

I try and be a gentle parent, but at times talking nicely and reasoning it out DOESN’T work (eg. Fingers and plugs and running in front of a car). Then my kids get a smack. I don’t beat them, but they don’t run the house.
My kids are loud, opinionated and dirty.

They get paint and mud in their hair, and sometimes go a day or two without brushing it.

They like to run, climb, scream, laugh uncontrollably and fight like mortal enemies.

They sulk and backchat and then bring me wildflowers.

They don’t always share.

I’ve also been known to shove them in front of the tablet or PC for half an hour of peace and quiet.
They are picky. Oh my goodness, they are sooooo picky. Snippie can survive on meat and starch alone (thank goodness for this amazing multivitamin) and we’re slowly getting her onto more fruit and veg. The toddler eats most things, but is still a boobie baby, so goes on eating strikes from time to time that drive us NUTS (again, thank goodness for a liquid multivitamin and protein shake!).

My kids are disrespectful.

Yeah, I’ve raised what some might call a bratty tween. She shrugs and walks off when spoken to, she backchats. Her room is a mess most of the time.

But she also lights up my life. Makes me laugh. Makes me see the funny, quirky, magical things in the everyday.


My house is a mess at times.

I don’t have breakables out.

I don’t have coffee table books and matching magazine racks.

My coffee table IS the nature find box.

My house gets swept and mopped (mostly) daily because we have a house bunny. (side note: house bunnies are messsssssy, and live for 12-13 years. Consider it carefully before getting one! They’re a blessing, but a handful).

Okay, back on topic.

I wear mostly dark, earthy tones and patterned clothes. Not coz I’m trendy. They hide stains best. Especially milk and pee stains!

My advice is this:

Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to ‘fit in’. And PLEASE don’t try to force your beautifully unique child into that ‘socially acceptable’ box.

See, I’m human. I’m magnificently, abnormally, wild and free: me.
And, finally, I’m okay with that.

Are you?