Our Daily Routine

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I actually REALLY love the flow of our days as of late! It feels like everything’s ‘clicked’, and our days are pretty easy and laid-back. I get stuff done (I NEED to feel productive!) and there is also enough time to relax. This is what our days look like (mostly):

05:00 Get up, get dressed, make java, drop hubby off at work.
06:00 Get kiddos dressed, fed, hair and teeth brushed and ready for the day.
07:00 School starts: Bible, Prayer, Memory Work, Songs, French, Math, Grammar, Dictation and the Loop for the day (Science, Art, History or Geography)
11:00 School finished: time for playdates, outings, Nature Walks, chilling, free reads, and errands.
15:00 Daddy gets picked up (and any errands that still need running get seen to)
16:00 Family chill time
17:00 We (usually daddy!) start supper
18:00 Suppertime
19:30- 21:00 Bedtime for kiddos
21:00-22:00 Parents bedtime!