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Our Daily Routine

why we choose to use (8)

I actually REALLY love the flow of our days as of late! It feels like everything’s ‘clicked’, and our days are pretty easy and laid-back. I get stuff done (I NEED to feel productive!) and there is also enough time to relax. This is what our days look like (mostly):

05:00 Get up, get dressed, make java, drop hubby off at work.
06:00 Get kiddos dressed, fed, hair and teeth brushed and ready for the day.
07:00 School starts: Bible, Prayer, Memory Work, Songs, French, Math, Grammar, Dictation and the Loop for the day (Science, Art, History or Geography)
11:00 School finished: time for playdates, outings, Nature Walks, chilling, free reads, and errands.
15:00 Daddy gets picked up (and any errands that still need running get seen to)
16:00 Family chill time
17:00 We (usually daddy!) start supper
18:00 Suppertime
19:30- 21:00 Bedtime for kiddos
21:00-22:00 Parents bedtime!


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A new journey

So, I’m super excited!

I just signed up for a digital storytelling course and can’t wait to see what it brings!

I find that I function best when learning, and am always looking for new ways to stretch myself. I believe this course will do that, while also helping me prepare for the amazing journey happening in 2018 (I’m not going to give away toooooo much info right now, but watch this space to keep updated!)