Becoming The Proverbs 31 Woman- Part 6

why we choose to use (6)

I’m covering insights 9 and 10 today:

“She spins her own thread and weaves her own cloth.”

And “She is generous to the poor and needy.”


Now, just to make this clear: I don’t spin and weave, and don’t intend on starting! Times have changed, and we can buy material, thread and ready-spun wool. This piece speaks to me of quality. She ensures that the things she used to make things for her family are of a high quality. That the materials are durable, strong and something she is proud of using!


She’s also loving and kind, and looks after those that are less fortunate. She doesn’t just give money to a charity and ticks it off as her good deed for the day, put is THERE, present in the act of giving. She is not selfish with her time, belongings or money. Now, I don’t just give money out to every beggar I meet. I pray for godly guidance and discernment. I bless whomever God leads me to bless. I also cherish my time. My time is precious, and only gets spent on those that colour and build my life. I don’t waste my time on drains, hopeless people or constantly negative people. But I help where I can, when I can, with whatever I can.

How do you bless others?

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