Becoming The Proverbs 31 Woman- Part 5

why we choose to use (5)

After a bit of a break, I’m delving into Proverbs 31 again. Yay! I must say it’s such a huge blessing every time I read it. I get new insights every single time!


Now, insight no. 8 speaks very dearly to my heart. “She knows the value of everything she makes, and works late into the night”. This is an absolute WAHM, right?!


In the past, when sewing for profit, and later with my Cottage School, I really under-valued myself. I didn’t charge what I was worth, but what I THOUGHT I was worth, and that was wayyyyy too low… You need to work out how much your time is worth, how much your supplies cost and your profit, and charge THAT. You are worth it. You are putting in the time. You have worked so hard to provide for your family. Charge what you are worth (assuming you are delivering on quality 😉 )


I also tend to do a lot of work once the kiddos are in bed. Not necessarily work work, but cleaning the house, prepping school work, setting up my schedule and to-do lists, prepping breakfast and lunches (if necessary). It just makes life so much easier and more relaxed in the mornings!


And I’ve found that when we wake up gently, it sets a truly beautiful tone for the whole day.


I also find that I tend to chat to God more when doing these things at night, which blesses my soul tremendously!


Do you under-charge for your products or services? What should you change in order to live up to your true worth?

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