Becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman- Part 4

why we choose to use (3)

Last time, we focused a lot on food. That theme now continues, along with some insights on her work situation.

Now, a lot of ladies feel that Proverbs 31 is very clear on the fact that this woman worked outside the home. Others feel very strongly that she couldn’t have done all the other things if she did work outside the home.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I am a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) that sometimes works outside the house. I do the bulk of my work from my house, but I do go out to see clients and leave my kiddos at home with hubby or granny when I do that. Other times I book playdates/business meetings and take them with.

Onto the next insight: ‘She surveys and buys land, and plants a vineyard with the money she earned.’ She didn’t use hubby’s hard earned money to buy the vineyard. She used HER money. (Don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe in HIS or MY money, it’s OUR money since we both work to finance our lives TOGETHER) What I do mean is that she uses/invests money she worked for. Money she did something to ear. Now, this could also mean a stay-at-home mom spending her ‘allowance’ from her husband wisely. Remember, she also works. She looks after the kids, cleans, irons, cooks, etc. That’s not to be taken for granted.

What I also get from this is the fact that she uses her money to make MORE money (investing). She plants a vineyard so she can reap a harvest and sow more in the next season. She thinks ahead so she can provide for times to come.

‘She surveys and buys land’ says to me that she looks at things properly. She’s not hasty when investing, but makes sure that she knows exactly what she’s letting herself in for. She doesn’t get ‘scammed’, but looks at opportunities with wisdom and then makes an informed decision.

This sixth insight really speaks to me about wisely investing money. Not spending money unnecessarily, but spending it on things that would create residual income in times to come.

What did you get from this piece?

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