Becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman: Part 2

why we choose to use (1)

In Part 1, I broke down the main points (as I perceived them) while studying the second part of Proverbs 31- The Virtuous Wife.

Now, we’ll start delving deeper into her character, point by point.

The first insight I got was “Her husband puts his confidence in her, therefore he will never be poor”.

To me, this means that she is trustworthy. Her husband can fully trust her with all matters- finances, emotions (be totally honest with her without fear of her later using it against him or seeing him as ‘weak’). It also speaks to me of her loyalty to him (not letting her eyes wader and keeping her ‘options open’, but to be totally and completely devoted to him, and him alone). She’s a faithful wife that will not let him down, but is dependable in all she commits herself to. Because of her thrift and industry, she adds to his wealth instead of taking away from it. She keeps a tight budget, and does not spend money on unnecessary things.

The second insight, “She does him good and never harm”, says to me that she is always on his side. They fight against worldly obstacles TOGETHER instead of fighting about it with each other. It’s us vs. the world, not us against each other. She always builds him up, and does not focus on his weaknesses. ‘Harm’, to me, speaks of debt. She does not put them into financial difficulty by spending money they don’t have on frivolous shopping sprees, but works with what they have to make the best financial decisions. She also doesn’t bad-mouth him to others, thereby diminishing his standing with his peers.

Just to clarify: I am VERY far from this woman, but feel led by God to move closer to her personality-wise. This is what I aspire to, not what I am 😉

Join me next time as we expand on a few more insights!


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