Homeschool Holidays

why we choose to use (2)

Our holidays fall over the same times as those of the normal schools in the area. We arranged our school year in this way for a few reasons.

It allows my kiddos to play with their friends that still go to normal schools. This is normally the only times we can arrange these get-togethers, as their public school friends are normally too busy for play dates during the term (homework is the main reason). I feel it’s VERY important for my kiddos to nurture those relationships and not to lose good friends because school terms interfere too much with their friendships… It also fives my kids a sense of normality- they don’t get asked ‘So, why aren’t you in school’ when we go to the mall in the day, and they don’t feel like outcasts!

Why do we even bother with holidays? It gives the kids a sense of ‘taking a break’. They basically still do the same things! They take nature walks, read books and poetry, we read Bible and pray, they watch documentaries. But because it’s during ‘holidays’ it doesn’t feel like work! They really do love school so much!

It also gives them a bit of  a change of pace, leaving them refreshed and ready for exams when the new term starts (we work on 3 ‘school’ terms, so our exams fall a little after the start of the new ‘term’ as we take 4 holidays a year, as per the public school system)

It also gives me a much needed break from the everyday routine, allowing me to let the kids ‘run wild’ and do all kinds of fun stuff while I catch up on some planning, relax with a good book, and have some ‘me time’ 😉


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