Toddler Nature Study


Gogga loves taking Nature Walks. Many a time she just takes her big sister’s hand, and off they go. When they come back, it’s usually with pockets full of wonderful nature finds. Special sticks, rocks, beautiful flowers, little shells of dead insects, maybe a lizard skin or two. Then gogga tells me all about everything: where they found it, what it is and how excited she is about it! Well, all of this is obviously not in full sentences, only babbling with a proper word here and there. She is only turning 2 in a month! But I get the gist of it. My kid is really in tune with nature. She loves it. She enjoys it. She FEELS it.

How do I do it?

I don’t… I enable her to explore. I take her outside. I guide her to interesting things. I show her how and where to look. I teach her to listen to the birds and the wind. To taste the raindrops and to feel the soft leaves on her cheeks. To dig in the dirt and smell the wet ground after a storm. To touch the rough trunk of a tree, smooth leaves and to carefully feel the thorns on the aloe plants.

And then I let her go. She does her own thing. I’m there, in the background to make sure she’s safe. I look and listen when she shows me things. But I don’t entertain her. I don’t set up activities for her. She does that all on her own.

She packs, arranges and sorts rocks. She builds mud cakes with twigs, little pebbles, and flowers. She examines bird skeletons she finds in the garden and she figured out a while ago a feather will gently float down when thrown into the air. She copies the sounds and movements of the animals around her (cats, dogs, birds and ducks) and has become much more aware of the world she lives in. On her own.

Because children don’t need or want a teacher. They have a natural love of learning. They only want a companion to join them on the journey! Be that companion to your child…

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