Homeschooling and housekeeping


Some people tell me I look like I have it all together.

Believe me, I don’t!

I’m VERY far from perfect!

We live as naturally as possible, make things at home, homeschool, cloth diaper, and do extended breastfeeding. I don’t have a helper as I strongly believe in doing things myself.

And, I promise you, my house is never spotless, but it’s pretty presentable at the moment.

Yes, there are toys all over the floor. The floors were mopped yesterday, and they have a few bunny-shaped mud marks (yep, we have a pet rabbit), the walls look ‘gently distressed’ (you know, pen marks and mud streaks 😉 ) and my couch has a yoghurt stain on it.

But my table is clean. My bathroom is clean. My kitchen counters and stove are clean. I woke up to an empty sink this morning.

It’s not about being perfect.

The small things matter.

There is a huge difference between dirty and untidy. My house in untidy at times. I have kids. It’s  not a museum. It’s normal for things to be ‘out of place’.

My house, however, is not dirty. I try and mop every day. I sweep every day. I need to vacuum more often, though (I’m human, okay!)

The point is: it has to be hygienic.

So, how does one keep a clean house?

I have two secrets to keeping my house clean with a pretty busy life: de-cluttering (living a more minimalistic lifestyle) and routines.

I do a purge every few months. Things tend to find their way into our house over time if I’m not diligent about keeping them out. Things like paper scraps, toilet roll crafts, glitter (ugggggh!) and other bits and bobs.  I take some time every once in a while to pitch all the junk, donate what we don’t love or need anymore and clean and tidy what we decide to keep. This makes cleaning a lot easier: more open counter space=less time cleaning it!

We also love our routines. We follow a morning and afternoon routine (not military-style! More of a rhythm or habit, like our homeschool 😉 ) This helps things to flow more smoothly within the house, reducing stress for everyone in the house!

I also try and stick to a weekly cleaning routine (inspired by Flylady) that helps me actually get to everything (how else am I going to remember to clean the oven??)

Another perk of having a clean, albeit untidy house, is the quick clean-up if we get unexpected guests! Just shove everything into the toy box and you’re done!

These things help me keep my house presentable and my sanity intact.

How do keep your house clean while homeschooling?

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