Top 10 things to do when you really don’t want to ‘do school’


We all have THOSE days. When you simply can’t be bothered to do even one sum. You feel run down and tired. Or you just need a break. Or te kids are in a bad mental space.

We all need a break at times. But we don’t want the kids to do NOTHING (the guilt would kill us!)

So, what can you do with the kids on those ‘no schoolwork but they have to do SOMETHING’ days?

Here are my top 10 suggestions!

  1. Youtube Documentaries(on anything educational, really. Plonk them in front of the TV/PC and enjoy a few hours of downtime! Have them narrate after)
  2. Arts and Crafts Day(They have to clean up their mess. It teaches them responsibility)
  3. Building Forts or Obstacle Courses (a lovely way to get rid of some excess energy!)
  4. Outing Day (go to a museum, the Zoo or a local Art Gallery)
  5. Library Day (perfect for older kids. Just take them to the library, curl up in a chair and read for the day)
  6. Paint furniture(take an ugly table, chair or another big piece of furniture outside and have the kids revamp it!)
  7. Nature Day(take a picnic blanket and food outside and let te kids explore the wonders of nature while you read!
  8. Water play (perfect for summer. Take blocks of ice, various jugs and beakers, salt and a piece of plastic to sit on. Ave te kids experiment with different ways of melting the ice. You could even freeze toys or nature finds into te block of ice)
  9. A Day of Make-Believe(Let the kids make a store and ‘sell’ their toys to siblings or their teddies, have a fashion show, let them be the chef for the day. Anything that gets their creative juices flowing!)
  10. Do some good (volunteer, do small acts of kindness for the people in your community, write a letter to a granny, make a small gift or card for loved one)

A day off ‘school work’ shouldn’t necessarily mean a day without learning! Learning should be fun!


I hope you found a few helpful ideas!

What do you usually do with the kids on ‘no school’ days?

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