Homeschooling while sick…


Life happens. Kids get sick. Parents get sick. It sucks, and it’s (mostly) unavoidable.

And it usually happens at the worst of times! The new term just started, or the exams are upon you, or you have just gotten into the swing of things (finally!)

Aaaaand then you get sick. And the kids get sick. And everyone feels horrible. And the work starts to suffer. And you start falling behind. And then the panic sets in…

Why does this happen?

Because you have to ‘keep up’? With who?

Because you can’t afford to let the kids ‘fall behind’? Behind who?

A very dear friend spoke to me about exactly this issue this last week, and I’m so thankful that she did…

She reminded me about WHY we decided to homeschool in the first place: for the freedom to CHOOSE.

To choose when we need to get the work done. To choose how we get the work done. To choose WHAT work to get done.

That means that we are FLEXIBLE. When we’re sick, we can take off. We are allowed to do that. We can always ‘catch up’ on the work we ‘lost’. We can shift our holidays around. We can do a bit of work over weekends. We can decide not to work for a day or two. We can choose to rest.

This week I learned a very important lesson: to give myself grace.

Not to be too hard on myself. To take the time needed to rest, gain strength and go at full throttle once I’m well again.

Because you know what? Losing out on a few days’ work isn’t the end of the world. Nobody died. The world didn’t end.

And next week we can just pick up where we left off.

And that’s okay…

One thought on “Homeschooling while sick…

  1. Wow, this is so true! We get so caught up in what we think needs to be done that we panic and worry and fall even further behind. Like you say, us homeschooling moms and wahms need to give ourselves grace, because, just face it, life happens. And that is a big reason why we are walking the road we have chosen, because we can just take a moment, or a week, if we need it! Hope you guys feel better soon!


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