How can I help my child to focus on school work/homework?


Each and every single child is unique. There’s no “one size fits all” box that you can put them all into.

Some kids find it easy to focus. Others don’t. Some enjoy studying with music on, while others prefer moving around. Some kids like taking short, frequent breaks, while others like “cramming”.

What works for my child, might not necessarily work for yours. Please keep that in mind. You need to find YOUR child’s path and follow that.

I was told my daughter struggles to focus in school. That she daydreams. That she doesn’t care enough about her schoolwork to do it properly. That she doesn’t grasp concepts easily.

And I knew this couldn’t possibly be the same child that I know so well. The girl I know is brilliant beyond description. She loves reading and math. She has a finely-tuned eye for art. And she definitely cares very much about her schoolwork!

So we made some changes (one of which was taking her out of a mainstream school and starting homeschooling).

This is what works for her! (But you can also apply these to your mainstream child)

When she has to sit down and work/study, I always make sure she’s eaten and has had something to drink. I find that, when her stomach is full, she’s less fidgety and she doesn’t have any excuses to get up (procrastinate)!

Food is also fuel for her brain and body. An empty tummy will more than likely result in a terrible case of “brain fog”!

Water helps “lubricate” your neurons, in turn helping with better memory. Headaches are also a sign of dehydration, so lots of water will help keep those at bay!

We take short, frequent breaks. Every hour, she gets a 10 minute break. I prefer that she runs around outside, or we’ll play a quick game of tag. I find that short bursts of physical activity helps her to focus better overall, but especially with “sit down and think” subjects like Math.

I also try and make the work as interesting as possible. Boring work makes for bored students (well, duh!).

I try and make it interesting by letting her move around (“do” whatever we’re learning about), clap words, sing songs, build things, doodle while I’m reading to her and act out the stories. The wackier, the better! Believe me, the crazier the activity, the better the kids will remember!

Kids like to fidget! I like giving her some clay to play with while I read too, as I find that when her hands are busy, she listens and remembers better.

I also give my daughter a few supplements:

I give her Omega 3 to help with focus and to boost brain power.

I give her Calmag (Calcium and Magnesium) to help her keep calm and focused (it also helps with growth pains, which is a plus!)

I also give her Liquivite or Vitasquares and Vitaguard (depending on what I have in the house. It’s a general multivitamin) to nourish all of her cells (especially brain cells!)

I prefer to give my kids only Neolife’s vitamins because I know they’re ultra-pure and of the highest quality. I also get Distributor discount, which is also a big plus!

I hope you found a few suggestions helpful!

What works well for your kids? Let me know in the comments!

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