Can I teach my own child?


One of the main concerns of parents new to homeschooling, is “Am I qualified to teach my child?”

“What if something goes wrong?”

“I never finished school.”

“I didn’t do well in school.”

“I didn’t study to be a teacher…”


Allow me to let you in on a little secret: the best person to teach your child is YOU!

Who else knows your child inside out, knows their deepest fears, desires, dreams. Who else knows what amazing things they’re capable of? Who else knows their greatest weaknesses, and is prepared to help them work through them with love and compassion, in their own time? Who cares most about their future? YOU!

You don’t need to ‘know the system’ to be able to teach your child. The system is broken.

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t do well in school or even finished school. Learn with your child! If you’re willing to go down to their level and have a childlike passion for the acquisition of knowledge, you are already qualified!

And the things you might struggle with in the High School years (Math, Science, etc.) simply outsource to a tutor!

Look, I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying you’ll never get frustrated with your child.

They don’t always listen. They don’t always do what you want when you want. There will be days when you stay in bed with documentaries and a tub of ice cream. And that’s okay! Well, as long as you don’t do that every day 😉 Your child will be okay! Just pick where you left off the day after!

Some parents do feel that they simply don’t have the time or patience. Some moms work from home and want someone else to teach their child at home. But it’s unfortunately very difficult to find a tutor with the passion you require. Someone that will see your child as a person instead of a paycheck! That’s why I created the Online School. To help busy parents give their children a home education without all the planning and effort 😉

Yep, all the planning and ‘work’ done for you! You just have to supervise! It couldn’t be easier 😉


To register or not to register?


One of the questions I get asked most frequently by parents new to homeschooling is “Should we register with the Department of Education.”

Now, this is a difficult question to answer without a proper explanation…

The short answer is “No”. You don’t HAVE to.

  1. The law states that the parent has the right to choose the education that’s best for their child.
  2. According to the South African Constitution, everything pertaining to the child should be in the child’s best interest.

Mostly, that means homeschooling.

At the moment, if you DO choose to register, you are promising that you will use CAPS (which we don’t) and give permission to Department of Education officials to invade your privacy by doing home visits to make sure you meet their ‘criteria’ (no one is sure what exactly these are).

We choose NOT to register. In SA, the laws change very frequently. At the moment, the Department isn’t openly antagonistic towards the homeschooling community, BUT when they change their minds, those registered will be first in the firing line. Hence our decision to stay on the “down-low”.

I would, however, advocate registering with the Pestalozzi Trust. These people are the heroes of our homeschooling community. They don’t guarantee that you won’t run into trouble with the Law when choosing to homeschool, but they will fight till the ends of the earth to protect the rights of the homeschoolers of this beautiful country. Be safe. Register.

A final thing to remember: don’t let them scare you into doing anything. You DO NOT have to register. Some choose to do so. It’s our rights as parents to choose whether or not to.

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