Getting started with Ambleside Online


I like setting everything out, getting it ready for the new year and having a mental ‘to-do’ list and plan of action. So I usually do all my planning for the new year during the December holidays. It’s not set in stone and can change as needed, but I like having a solid plan to work from.

This is how I do it:

  1. Print out a blank calendar for the coming year.
  2. Go to AO’s curriculum page, download the 36-week schedule (I always use the detailed one) and print that out (6 pages- 2 per term)
  3. Go to the Book List for the year. Download the books that are free (I like using the Archive website). Also read through the whole page quickly to get an overview of what to expect for the year.
  4. Download a few of the free reads from Librivox to listen to in the car or while busy with stuff around the house.
  5. Download some paintings (I like doing 6 or so per artist)
  6. Download some of the composer’s music (I like using Tubidy because the toddler likes looking at the videos!)
  7. Get a proper poetry collection (or 3!) and make sure the term’s poet features in it.
  8. Get a collection of Shakespeare’s works (you could get resources from Archive, but I prefer my physical book for this.)
  9. Buy all the writing books, stationary, etc. needed for the year (I’m busy compiling a PDF for you 🙂 )
  10. Also try and get a good Science reference book, birdwatching book and field guide for the area.


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