What a Homeschooling day looks like for us.


We usually wake up at 05:00 or 06:00, depending on if we must drop Kevin off at work or not. Then the kiddos watch Expresso (mostly because Amber checks the news and weather! She also loves the cooking inserts) and play while I cook breakfast.

At around 07:00 we eat breakfast.

At 08:00 our school day starts.

We do Morning Time first:

We read from the Bible and pray. Then we go through our memory work, songs and French.

After this, we do the loop (things that change every day- Science, History, Character Study, etc.)

Then the kids do their individual work (Math, Grammar, Dictation and individual reading work).

We finish school at 13:00. We also have a 10min. break every hour to make sure the kids stay focused (eg. 09:00 till 09:10 break, and again from 10:00 till 10:10)

After school is finished, we eat lunch.

Amber has extra murals on Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00 till 15:00. When she doesn’t have anything on, the kiddos just play. Or we go and visit grandma. Or go to the park…

We then pick up Kevin from work around 15:00. On the way to him, we normally listen to the extra reading books as audio books. We’re currently busy with The Secret Garden, and loving it!

We might also sing some songs and practice memory work in the car. On the way back home we usually discuss current affairs with him.

When we get home, the kids usually play outside until suppertime.

We eat around 18:00, go for a quick walk and bath the kids. Gogga then goes to bed.

Amber will usually watch the news with us and go to bed around 19:00.

This is a typical day for us.


Every day is different, though. If we feel we want to spend the day at the pool, park or museum, we do exactly that. We simply schedule what we ‘missed’ for another day. That’s the beauty of homeschooling: the flexibility.

We do try to fit everything that’s scheduled in on the AO schedule into every week, as it gets a bit overwhelming when you fall too far behind.

Overall, it’s more of a daily flow instead of a schedule. And that suits me perfectly!

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